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How To Start A Commercial Cleaning Business Today

Commercial Cleaning BusinessStarting your own Commercial cleaning business can be a daunting task, but it can be easy enough if you find the right help.  First of all, you should have enough money to start up.  If that requires getting a loan from the bank, do it.  To make money you have to spend money. After acquiring sufficient funds, you will need to start buying the things on your shopping list which should include: cleaning supplies, many workers, a location to run your business out of, and maybe even vans to ship your workers out.

What is the next Step To Starting A Commercial Cleaning Business?

After completing all of these, you will need to determine what type of cleaning business that you want to operate.  There are several choices, including private home cleaning, office cleaning, industrial cleaning, or even specialized cleaning, such as the inside of cars or even cleaning places like schools or churches.  Depending on what field you choose, you will need different supplies, but they will all be very similar jobs.

OK, What do I need to do now?

Commercial Cleaning BusinessOnce you have made all of your purchases, you will need to get all of your necessary licenses, generally you will need to register with the Better Business Bureau, and then follow all of your state’s particular guidelines for regulations of personal cleaning businesses.  You may be able to bypass these if you operate a cleaning franchise, like The Maids or another business.  Depending on what you do, this may be the most difficult part of running your own cleaning business.

Do I need to hire people to work?

Next, you will most likely need to hire workers. Secretaries, vacuums, scrubbers, dusters, cleaners, drivers, you name it.  In the beginning, you should hire one or two people that can do all of these things.  Good screening of potential employees will ensure that your business will run, well, cleanly.  You will need at least one crew full of people that can do one job (like cleaning one house or building), and this crew will need their own supplies and equipment.

Can I get rich with a commercial cleaning business?

My eBook will go into detail on what to expect and how to position yourself to achieve the same amount of success I have.  You will know what you need to do to make a six figure income with a cleaning business.Commercial Cleaning Business

The commercial cleaning business is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world.  Owning and operating a commercial cleaning business not only will give you a steady income, but will also give you a great quality of life as well.  I’ve been in the cleaning business for over 10 years.  This business has put me in the position to travel every year with my family.

If you are a person that want to change your life and take control of your destiny with a cleaning business, you have come to the right place.

If you are someone who is sick and tired of punching a clock and repeating regiments, then starting a cleaning business is perfect for you.

If you would like to take trips and go on vacations with your friends and family when ever you chose then you have come to the right place.

If you want the blueprint to the cleaning business, get all the steps you need to succeed and on your way to building a successful commercial cleaning business fast.

What do I get with this eBook?

Commercial Cleaning Business
  • You will know the do’s and don’t s that will help you go farther.
  • You will know how to start your cleaning business.
  • You will know how to prospect and get business accounts.
  • You will know how to find dependable employees.
  • You will know how to get the money to invest.
  • You will know how to get a business license.
  • You will know how to handle your clients.
  • You will know how to build your business.
  • You will know how to claim your business tax right offs.
  • You will know what equipment you need to start.
  • You will see proof of my check stubs that shows the income.

Commercial Cleaning Business


Commercial Cleaning Business


  • Commercial Cleaning Business
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  1. Great advice, you were very thorough in the steps to take to start a cleaning business. I have a brother in law who owned his own cleaning business for a while – it was very successful! Not a bad business to be in and there will always be demand for it. Both private businesses need to be cleaned and homes need to be cleaned. I have an aunt who lives in Idaho who earns a living by cleaning other people’s homes for money and also in exchange for use of their showers (they live off of the land and have no running water). She has done this for years and years and has always brought in a decent income for her family. However she does not have employees or people working for her, it is only her working to clean homes for people.
    I agree that advertising is a very good idea! I cannot mention the number of times that my mom has used businesses to help her out after she just saw their name on a van or a billboard somewhere. People are constantly on the look-out for companies (like cleaning companies) so advertise, advertise, advertise!
    How great to hear about your e-book! I am sure that contains a lot of beneficial information about how to start a cleaning business.
    What is your background in cleaning businesses? Do you currently own and operate your own? What would an employer look for in employees in this type of business?
    Thank you for the information!

    1. Mallory,

      Thank you for visiting my blog. It is good to know that you have a fundamental knowledge of the cleaning business. It is an awesome way to earn a living if you don’t like sitting behind a desk all day. The real comfort comes in when you start hiring employees and building your business.

      The eBook is my story and it is everything I did to help me earn a good living with my cleaning business. My background is in this business. I have all of this information on this website. Checkout my about page. I go into detail about my business.

      Please like and share!

      Come back anytime!About Garrick

  2. You have some very good points and tips here on setting up and operating a commercial cleaning business.There is one line that I would have to debate on, and that is when you said, “want to give them as little as possible …” I realize it is a new business, but paying as little as possible is not always the answer. With that you will probably end up with inexperience employees who really don’t care about the quality of work.
    Just my thoughts, anyone else out there that agrees or disagrees??

    Overall nice post with some very good info

    1. Glad you visited my website.

      I understand your concern about paying as little as possible. But you have to understand that in the beginning you will need to keep your cost down.

      People have to prove themselves in order to gain your trust. You can give bonuses and raises as they perform the work.

      If you pay to much in the beginning you may not get anything out of your employees.

      I cover this topic and more in my eBook.

      Thanks again for the kind words.

  3. Hi there,

    I loved this article! This is exactly what I have been thinking of doing for quite some time now.

    It just seemed so incredibly overwhelming that I had no idea where or how to start. It’s really nice to know that you did it and that you are enjoying much success now!

    I am going to bookmark your site and come back to it to read some more! Thank you so much!

    1. Fantastic!

      I was great having you visit my website. I appreciate the kind words. I worked hard on this website on how to start a cleaning business and I want to help as many people as I can.

      Most people don’t realize how much money is being made operating a commercial cleaning business.

      Please like and share this article with your social media network.

  4. What I love about this is that you show people what is possible. Working with cleaning is sadly looked upon as a “low status” proffesion today. What you make people realize here is that you acctualy can develop a nice business with cleaning as with any other for nieche.

    It reminds me of the cliché saying that “it’s not about WHAT you do, it’s about HOW you do it”. Anything is possbile, it’s just up to every individual to make it happen.

    Awsome stuff!

    1. Thanks you!

      Glad to now that this article works for you. It maybe some people that look at this as a challenge but if they only knew that this is a billion dollar a year industry.

      There are people making six figures a year owning a commercial cleaning business. I have been in this business for over 10 years and love it.

      The quality of life that I have and the time a spend with my family is second to none. We go on 2 vacations a year thanks to the cleaning business.

  5. A cleaning business is a great way to kick the traditional 9-5 and work for yourself. In today’s world not everyone has the time to clean their home or office everyday. My solution to this problem is a on-demand cleaning service similar that would allow the customer to have someone showing up to their home or office ready to clean within a 30 minutes of major metropolitan cities. Again, I’m still trying to work out a few details and launch.

    1. You are absolutely correct as far as a cleaning business being awesome. I have owned my cleaning business for over 10 years now. It has given me the freedom and quality of life that most people that work a 9 to 5 would die for. Please surf my website and if you need more help check out my eBook. Thanks for visiting and please like and share!

  6. Hi there! I am interested in your book to start my own cleaning business. But first, I would like to know if this is something that anyone can make… I know it’s a difficult question, but what is the minimum amount one should expect to invest to start in this business? Is it too expensive? I am really afraid to lose money, do you recommend for someone who has 0 experience as a business owner? Thank for your help

    1. Hi and thanks for visiting my website. I really appreciate it.

      Now, as far as getting into this business, you would put yourself in the best possible position to be successful if you purchase my eBook. I will break every step down for you and show you my check stubs. The proof is in what you can see and I can show you that together with the cost.

      Typically to start any business you want to have some capital or you can borrow from a bank. This business has such a low up front cost. You can start with as little as $1000 and as much as $40,000. It just depends on how much you want to make in the beginning.

      Please visit again and checkout my eBook!

  7. Hello Garrick. Thanks for the informational and inspirational article. I know first hand that a personal cleaning can do quite well. I have a friend and old boss who is currently building his second cleaning business. I talked to him not too long ago, and his new cleaning service is well on its way.
    He was able to start his business by finding a partner company that funded most of his starting costs. Do you know or have you heard about this kind of thing? Thanks again for the info and the book suggestion. Geoff.

    1. Yes I know this all to well. Please look over my website to get more information on the cleaning business. Thanks for the visit!

    2. Yes I know this all to well. Please look over my website to get more information on the cleaning business. Thanks for the visit!

  8. Hello Garrick. Thanks for the informational and inspirational article. I know first hand that a personal cleaning can do quite well. I have a friend and old boss who is currently building his second cleaning business. I talked to him not too long ago, and his new cleaning service is well on its way.
    He was able to start his business by finding a partner company that funded most of his starting costs. Do you know or have you heard about this kind of thing? Thanks again for the info and the book suggestion. Geoff.

  9. Hi Garrick,

    My friend used to have cleaning business in Finland. Everything went well for few years, but then something went wrong and now he has stopped the business. It was quite profitable business while it was running so now my friend is desperate to get the business running again. Could your book be helpful to him, as well?

    1. I thinks so, I have been in business for over 10 years. Please like and share the website with him.


  10. Hi Garrick,

    In this article you really explained everything in detail about what it would take for a person to run his/her own cleaning business.
    It would not be an easy thing to do, as you put forth the ideal that going at it in a lazy way would not allow one to build up both a legit and lucrative business.

    There obviously would be a lot that a person would have to do to start up such a business, as explained step-by-step in the article. But if the interested person thinking of pursuing this venture wanted to know all that would be involved, you mentioned it all in great detail.

    The most important thing once the person gets established with his/her own cleaning business would be that he/she is completely dependable at doing the job as best as possible. This would mean timeliness in getting to the job, having employees that are hard working and dependable, being honest that you charge the person for the work at a fair price, and that the work is immaculate when completed.

    Great article Garrick and one that should be required reading for anyone looking to owning such a business.


  11. Things have changed since I first started a cleaning job. You would go and knock on doors and see if people wanted any cleaning done, if they did you would get paid only a small amount as there was not much value placed on your hard working head. These days, people want professional companies that have a certified business to prove who they are and to know they have all the relevant documents and insurances to cover for mistakes as accidents happen. After all you are entering somebodies home and they need to be able to trust you to do the job efficiently and honestly and that you have nothing to hide. Especially if they are away from the home such as being at work you need to be trusted with a key.
    Once set up properly it seems to be a very good business to own that is no longer looked down upon.
    Your website instructs exactly how to get started easily and quickly which I think is exactly what people wanting their own business needs. Great site.

    1. Awesome! I am glad to know that my website is helpful for individuals wanting to start a cleaning business. Thanks for the visit and please share and like.

  12. WOW! This is really great! I know a few people who do this already and a couple who want to start. I now know in which direction to point them to get all the info they’ll need. This is really helpful!

    Are your suggestions mainly for people in a particular country or is it pretty much the same worldwide?


    1. Thanks for visiting my website. This information is for everyone in any country. Jani-King is world wide. Glad to know that this information was helpful to you and please do share with others.

  13. I personally have had a residential cleaning business and, as you say, it did bring a pretty steady income when I needed it. I had all “high profile” customers who paid well. So, I think a commercial cleaning business would be even more beneficial and lucrative. I like the eBook and what it has to offer. Sounds like it will provide everything I need to start a commercial cleaning business!

    1. Fantastic! Glad to know you appreciated my website. I have been in the commercial cleaning business for over 10 years. It has been great for me and my family. Please share my page with whom ever you know that wants to start a cleaning business. Thanks!

  14. Hey Garrick.

    My friend Steven wanted to start a commercial cleaning business in Jamaica where you could make appointments online. He thought it would be a decent idea to start out online instead of owning a physical space first because he does not have the capital to rent or buy a place. Do you think this is a good idea or should he wait until he can afford a physical space? I am sure your book about owing a commercial cleaning business would be helpful for him

    Looking forward to your response

    1. That is a great question. Starting out online is the best way to get into this business hands down. The cleaning business is a service you can operate from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need a physical space at all to be honest. All you need is determination to make this business work. Just make sure you have proper storage for your equipment and that is it. Hope this helps your friend out.

      Thanks for the visit,


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